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Seismic Bracing Details

  Pipe & Conduit

Longitudinal Plan Elevation
        Transverse Plan and Elevation
        Longitudinal with Pipe Clamp
        Transverse Trapeze Pipe or Conduit
        Trapeze Plan View
        Transverse Insulated Pipe
        Lateral Conduit Brace
        Longitudinal Conduit Brace
        Transverse Clevis Hanger
        4-Way Insulated Pipe


        Transverse Duct
        4-Way Duct

  Cable Tray & Trapeze

        Cable Tray
Cable Tray Two Rod Hanger
Cable Tray Two Rod Hanger Elevation
4-Way Cable Tray
Trapeze Elevation
Trapeze Exploded View
4-Way Trapeze Pipe or Conduit
Center Hung Cable Tray Elevation
        Center Hung Cable Tray Plan


Cable To Structure
        Structure Connections
        Longitudinal To Structure
        Loop Bar Joist
        Loop Bar Joist Wood Nailer
        Typical Cable Attachments


        Ceiling Hung Equipment
        Inline Pump
        Light Fixture
        Isolated Inline Fan
        Transformer 4-Way

  OSHPD Approved Details

        Section 7 OSHPD Manual

  Misc Details

        URC Attachment
        Retrofit URC
        URC Double
        Cable Assemblies
        Connection To Braced Components
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